Sunday, November 22, 2009

Over 10,000 repeats

Ok, ladies & Gentelmen, we reached another milestone - over 10,000 repeats. And that's real repeats meaning someone played a video to the end and then it went all over to the beginning. Not just a playback request.

#1 - the top video became Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me. It was repeated 821 times.

The interesting thing, I haven't even heared about this singer until someone was repeating it for two days in a row. Then, I looked at it and found that this particular copy is not a superb quality and that there's actually an official copy available directly from Taylor Swift: Official Taylor Swift 'You Belong With Me'. And man, it is excellent quality.

The official copy has an 11-sec intro and 15-sec credits, which lead to development of "Time Bar" where you can mark repeat starting & ending positions. Check it out - set Starting at "0:12" and ending at "3:58" and the official video becomes an excellent repeater.

#2 - Guns & Roses - Welcome To The Jungle - 365 repeats. Someone had it on repeat for about a day since last time, and that's it.

#3 - Cascada - Dangerous - 459 repeats. This one I probably listened more than others.

I gotta also give a huge credit to someone's innovation. A video that many visitors come for. The Fireplace Video. It looks like people just leave it playing instead of the actual fireplace... Kinda an unusual idea, but I guess it makes some people feel warmer...

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